All Complaints regarding loss, damage, C.O.D. collections and charges must be made in writing within 24 hours from delivery date, otherwise claims will be disallowed. This company will accept for delivery but will not be responsible for contents of sealed envelopes or packages unless contents and value of same are declared at the office of the company and value charges therefore are agreed upon and paid.   The company will not be responsible for damage to merchandise improperly packed and labeled, or for concealed damage.
Payment of delivery charges is conclusive proof of complete proper satisfactory performance by A-Pronto Delivery.   The company will not pay over $100.00 per shipment regardless of the number of packages on that shipment in case of loss or damage, unless a greater value is declared and charges for such greater value paid.  It is the responsibility of the customer to have the driver identify himself.   Additional insurance charges for such greater valuation will be assessed at the rate of 1% per $100.00 or fraction thereof. Customer agrees not to hire or entice for his employment any courier furnished by A-Pronto Delivery Service.

Not responsible for loss or damage due to acts of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, or other hazards incident to a state of war or rebellion against constitued authority.   Loss adjusted on basis of cost price less reasonable depreciation.
Not responsible for C.O.D. collections unless amount is designated in space provided for same.

Checks will be accepted at customer's risk on C.O.D.'s unless otherwise designated.
Customer must designate type of service desired by a check mark in space provided for same.  All deliveries are handled on PRIORITY Service if no other type of service is indicated.